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Happy 5 Year Anniversary Lucky Us Farm!

Lleaping Llamas…how did we get to 5 years already?! The years have truly flown by, but undeniably have been action packed from the first day to the 1825th day with so much joy, love, growth and even heartache...that my cup spilleth over. So much so, that I struggle to reflect and summarize what we have accomplished, survived, celebrated, endured, learned, did, and given thanks for. But here’s the nutshell version:

Year #1 (2017-18): A totally vertical learning curve. What are we doing?! Mindblowing.

Year #2: (2018-19): Ramping up. Let’s try this! Excitement.

Year #3: (2019-20): Throwing spaghetti on the wall. Let’s try everything! Manic.

Year #4: (2020-21): Doing it all. Burnout.

Year #5: 2021–22): Figuring out what works (and what doesn’t). Balance.

In the past 5 years, Kevin and I went from living a comfy suburbia life, having never laid eyes on an alpaca, to managing a 13 acre farm bustling with 20 alpacas and llamas and running an agritourism business with a gift shop. I have been developing some mad skills

in the categories of fiber arts, photography, marketing, web page development, social media, hospitality and book writing (I’m published!). And Kevin has been honing his incredible craftsman skills, maintenance and electrical skills and his ability to pretty much build or repair anything. All while we are working full time, running a household, caring for each other, and for our families.