Frequently Asked Questions


What's in store for 2022?

We are so very grateful for all of the opportunities, friends, joy, and Baby Betty birth that we experienced in 2021!

After an action packed year, we are looking forward to the opportunity to rest and reenergize during the first quarter of 2022.

But of course I can't help dreaming of what I'd like to focus on in 2022!  We definitely plan to host special Events such as our Adult Easter Egg Hunt, an Easter Egg Fiber class, Open Farms, live music events, alpaca yoga, a floral crown making class and more photo shoots! 

I (Kris) would also really like to carve out some time to write the children's book that is swimming in my head, do a lot more weaving and fiber arts and hone my photography skills.  Such fun!

And as we've been learning, there just aren't enough hours in the day to do all of the things we love.  So on that note, we will be scaling back on some of our offerings.  Hopefully one year we'll figure out how to fit it all in!

 Don't want to miss a beat? Then please be sure to subscribe to our Website.  You'll find the Subscribe option at the bottom of the page.  We email all Subscribers when new Events become available.

What is your 'Adopt a Llama' program?

Did you know that you can adopt a Llama or an Alpaca for a month?  Unfortunately this doesn't mean that you can put Conswala in your back yard...but you can 'Adopt' one of our herd members for fun and bragging rights while supporting the care of our animals.

You can learn more about this option on our 'Online Shopping' page.  When you adopt an animal you will receive a frameable Adoption Certificate, your adopted daughter's Bio, a llama and alpaca fun fact page, a 5x7 color photo, a Lucky Us Farm sticker AND a personalized 'Thank you' video!

The Adopt a Llama / Adopt an Alpaca program makes for a really wonderful and unique gift, a fun treat for yourself, provides a way to enjoy the herd when you can't visit, and is a wonderful way to support the farm!

Do you have regularly scheduled Open Hours?

Unfortunately we do not have regularly scheduled Open Hours.  However we will be offering Open Farm dates regularly in 2022.  Please visit our Upcoming Events page to see what is happening on the farm.

All private farm visits (aka 'The Llama and Alpaca Experience') are by appointment only.  The cost is $65/hr for a small group of up to 10 people and we will be offering a limited amount of these Experiences in 2022.  Please email us with your request.  LuckyUsFarm@gmail.com

How do I schedule an appointment to visit the farm?

Our farm will be closed January - March 2022 for a much needed rest.  ​

Starting in April, we will be offering a very limited amount of Private Farm Visits for $65/hr.  Please email us with your request and I will be sure to get back to you soon to let you know if we have availability.

Can I schedule a photo shoot?

When you are visiting the farm, you are welcome to take as many cell phone pictures as you please! 

If you are interested in scheduling a photo shoot on the farm, please send us an email with your request and we will send you all of the details including a price sheet.

Also, please visit our Upcoming Events page, as we will be offering periodic photo shoot 'minis'.

When is your Gift Shop Open?

We are very proud of the 'Llamalicous Boutique', which offers a huge variety of alpaca and llama themed treasures.  The Boutique is always available to guests when they are attending an Event or during Open Farm hours. 

Can I schedule a birthday party or special event on the farm?

We are always open to new and fun ways to utilize our special space and incorporate our magnificent animals.  If you have a special request, please email us with your ideas and we will let you know if we can accommodate you. 

Please note that due to safety reasons, we will not be offering children's birthday parties for children under 10 years old.  We are so sorry to take this off of our menu of options for 2022, but we have learned that there are a lot of moving parts when you put a group of young kids in with a bunch of curious farm animals.  I should note that Frankie is very disappointed with this announcement! 

What do you do with the money you charge for Events and Visits?

All monies that we raise through farm events goes directly back to the care and well-being of our animals. We are passionate about making sure that our animals are happy and healthy and living in a safe and nurturing environment that provides as many creature comforts to them as we are able.  Hence money goes towards endless needs of quality grain, minerals, hay and vet costs, as well as never ending farm improvement projects such as new fencing, building improvements or additions, and pasture and equipment maintenance.  When you see us, please don't hesitate to ask what farm improvement projects Kevin is working on and what we are doing to make our animals happy each and every day.  It's one of our favorite topics of conversation!