Frequently Asked Questions


Do you have winter 2021 hours?

We are so excited to kick off our 2021 season and have some really exciting events and opportunities in the works!

However at this current time we are taking a much needed break to regroup and recharge.  Due to the uncertainties of weather and Covid-19 restrictions, we will not be adding any visits or events to the schedule in January and February.  If you have a very special request, please feel free to send us a message or email.  It doesn't hurt to ask!  But the best way to know when we will get this party started is to Subscribe to this website!  We will send an email to all Subscribers to let you know when we are jumping back into action!

Do you have regularly scheduled Open Hours?

All farm visits are by appointment only.  We wish that we had more flexibility in our schedules and more appointments to offer, but because Kris and Kevin work full time day jobs and have endless farm chores, it leaves little time for fun with friends.  But we promise to do our best to share these magnificent animals with you as often as we can.

How do I schedule an appointment to visit the farm?

If you are interested in visiting the farm, please go to our 'Upcoming Events' page .  There you will see an offering for Private Farm Visit.  If you click on it, it will take you to our calendar and any available dates will be in bold.  You can then click on that date and follow the instructions to book your visit.  If you don't see any dates in bold, that means that we are sold out.  Additional dates will be added to the calendar for future months.  We tend to book 1-2 months out.  So please check back regularly!

When is your Gift Shop Open?

We are very proud of the 'Llamalicous Boutique', which offers a huge variety of alpaca and llama themed treasures.  The Boutique is always available to guests when they are attending an Event on the Farm. 

The Boutique is also open periodically throughout the year for visitors to drop in.  You can find these hours on the 'Gift Shop' page on our website.  Additional hours will be added during the holiday season.  Please note that the Farm will not be open for herd visitation during this time, but you will always be able to view the animals 'doing their thing' in the pasture or in the barn.

Do I need to wear a mask when visiting?

We take many measures to minimize the risk disease transmission and specifically the spread of COVID-19.  If you have scheduled a private farm visit and are visiting with your immediate circle of friends and family, it is your option to wear a mask when OUTDOORS on the farm.  We ask that you wear a mask when inside the gift shop.  Kris, as your tour guide, will wear a mask when she is within 6 feet of all guests.

If you are attending an outdoor event with guests from outside of your immediate circle of friends/family, we ask that all guests be considerate of others by wearing a mask at all times.

Hand sanitizer is readily available to all guests and you will be asked to sanitize your hands when entering and exiting the farm.

Can I schedule a birthday party or special event on the farm?

We are always open to new and fun ways to utilize our special space and incorporate our magnificent animals.  If you have a special request, please email us with your ideas and we will let you know if we can accommodate you.

What other Events are offered on the farm?

We enjoy offering a wide variety of events throughout the year which provides fun for the whole family!  In the past we have offered Paint Parties, Photo Shoots, Fiber (alpaca 'fur') Craft Classes, Movie Night in the Field, BINGO on the Farm, Alpaca Yoga, Alpicnics, Llama Walks and much more!  Keep an eye on the 'Upcoming Events' Tab to see what is available.  Also, please subscribe to our website to be the 'first to know' when Events are added to the schedule!

What do you do with the money you charge for Events and Visits?

All monies that we raise through farm events goes directly back to the care and well-being of our animals. We are passionate about making sure that our animals are happy and healthy and living in a safe and nurturing environment that provides as many creature comforts to them as we are able.  Hence money goes towards endless needs of quality grain, minerals, hay and vet costs, as well as never ending farm improvement projects such as new fencing, building improvements or additions, and pasture and equipment maintenance.  When you see us, please don't hesitate to ask what farm improvement projects Kevin is working on and what we are doing to make our animals happy each and every day.  It's one of our favorite topics of conversation!

What if I want to visit on a special day that you don't have available on your calendar?

We understand that you may have a particular day in mind to visit, such as a birthday or a time when you have company visiting from out of town.  If you have a request that isn't on our calendar, please send us an email!  If we can squeeze you into the calendar, we would love to help make your day extra special!  It's worth noting that we are rarely able to find a spot on the calendar if your request is within the next 4-6 weeks, so the more notice that you can give us, the better!

What are my options regarding professional farm photos?

When you are visiting the farm, you are welcome to take as many cell phone pictures as you please! 

We offer three options for professional photos on the farm:  1)  When you book a private farm tour or Alpicnic, you will have the option of adding an additional 'Photo Shoot' package.  This includes 10 digital pictures that capture the magic of your visit.  The pictures are casual with no particular backdrop or props...other than your big smiles and the adorable animals at your side. Your photo session will be professionally edited and emailed to you within a week of your visit.  2) We periodically offer styled photo shoots.  This includes a 15 minute session with a styled seasonal backdrop (ie. flowers, tractor, hay bales, pumpkins, pine trees, etc) and of course a few members of the herd.  You will receive at least 10 digital pictures professionally edited and emailed to you within 10 days of the shoot.  3) You may bring your own professional photographer to the farm to capture your farm magic.  We charge $100/hr and this does not include the photographer or any of his/her charges.  This is perfect for special occasions such as engagement sessions or family photos. 

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