Meet Our Farm Team


Kris Benner


Kris works full time as a registered nurse and has been a full fledged animal lover since birth.  The farm has proven to be the perfect place to blend these passions and serves as a fabulous creative and social outlet. Kris manages all of the animals' care and has become part of a registered therapy animal team with Conswala, the llama.  Additionally, Kris is the farm's photographer, activity director, social media manager, brilliant idea fabricator, lead poop scooper, and head mower.

Photo Credit: Marisa Kinney Photography

Kevin Benner


Kevin works full time as a project manager for a steel fabrication company.  Shhhh...don't tell the alpacas, but he prefers working with the llamas.  Kevin can fix and build anything and is an amazing problem solver. He enjoys the challenge of keeping up with the farm's endless projects and with Kris' 'great ideas'.  He has quite the attention for detail, which means his handiwork keeps the farm working smoothly and looking fabulous.

Photo Credit: Marisa Kinney Photography

Amy Zimmerman

Creative Designs

Amy is a regular fixture on the farm.  She and Kris became fast friends when Amy attended the farm's first Alpaca Yoga class.  Amy is a professional artist and graphic designer and brings a high level of creativity and art skills to the farm.  Amy leads all of the farm's paint classes and has created amazing artwork of the animals, which can be found on greeting cards, T-shirts, and ornaments in the gift shop.  

Photo Credit: Marisa Kinney Photography


Joyce Heinzelman

Kris' Partner in Crime

Joyce is a tried and true farm volunteer.  She comes out every week to help Kris provide herd care. Together Kris and Joyce feed and clean, trim top knots and toe nails, get weights and give shots, halter train and scoop poop.  Joyce is quite the alpaca wrangler and has really learned how to charm even the wiliest of alpacas.  You'll see Joyce out in the fields on Open Farm Days, answering lots of questions and making sure the herd is behaving themselves.  She's become quite knowledgeable and runs a tight ship! We are SO grateful for her help and friendship!

Connie Wonder

Rocket's Best Friend

Connie was a fellow volunteer at the dog shelter with Kris.  They were on the short list of Rocket's best friends.  When Rocket moved to the farm, Connie continued to be a dedicated and loyal friend to all of us.  She comes out to the farm every weekend to spend time with both Rocket and Ranger, and is sure to give lots of extra lap time to Rocket.  She dog sits these boys for us when we travel and is willing to help in any way.  We sure appreciate her help and friendship!

Jen Filippelli

Ranger's Best Friend

Jen and Kris were fellow volunteers at the dog shelter, walking dogs together every week for years.  When Ranger came to the farm, Jen continued to be a loyal and dedicated friend to him and all of us.  Jen takes him on regular field trips and has helped us out in countless ways. She even helped us deliver Eleanor Grace! Jen helps to dog sit the boys when we travel and spoils Ranger rotten.  Jen is a horse girl and doesn't understand why anybody would own an animal that you can't ride, so she doesn't quite get the llama and alpaca love.  But we sure love her anyway!


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