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Red Maple Dress Socks

Red Maple Dress Socks


These attractive alpaca herd socks are a light weight sock whose blend of natural fibers will envelope your feet in luxury.  Soft, warm, moisture wicking and breathable...perfect for indoor and outdoor comfort.  While I wouldn't recommend these for ultimate outdoor conditions such as skiing and hunting, they are perfect for attending the holiday market, dashing in and out of stores, and cozying up at the campfire.


56% Baby alpaca, 24% Viscose Bamboo, 18% Nylon, 2% Spandex

  • Care Instructions

    Machine wash cold, tumble dry low

  • Sizing

    Small: Women's 4-6

    Medium: Women's 6-9, Men's 6-8.5

    Large: Women's 9.5-12, Men's 9-12

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