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Lucky Us Farm

Fun for the Whole Family

Enjoy the fresh air, visit with the friendly animals, browse the whimsical gift shop at Lucky Us Farm. We are so much more than a farm - we are a meeting place where friends and families gather for activities and family fun. Whether you would like to partake in one of our farm group events, schedule your own private farm experience, celebrate a special occasion at our unique venue, have a professional picture taken with an alpaca, or take a walk with a llama, we’ve got it all!

Our Story

Who We Are

Lucky Us Farm was established in 2017 when Kevin and I (Kris), being recent 'empty-nesters', decided it was time to move out of the suburbs and discover a lifestyle that tickled our curiosities.  We never intended to raise alpacas and llamas, but isn't life full of fun surprises and serendipitous opportunities? 


We found this 13 acre peaceful country property in south-central Pennsylvania, only ten miles from where we were living, and immediately became excited about the possibilities it had to offer.  Eight alpacas and a llama 'came with the curtains', as they were being boarded on the farm and wished to stay.  And stay they did!  Having never even seen an alpaca before the purchase, we immersed ourselves in this new world and jumped at every opportunity to learn about all that was involved. 


Our learning curve was steep as we soaked in information about herd health, pasture rotation, camelid nutrition and medications, parasites, shearing, harvesting hay, spinning our own yarn and so much more! Quite enchanted with our new lifestyle, we couldn't resist quickly adding more alpacas and llamas to our growing herd. 


In our farm's third year, the 8 original boarding alpacas were sold and moved to a farm far away.  Although we were sad to see them go, we will forever be grateful for the wonderful world that they introduced us to, and for the opportunities that they provided us.

From the beginning, we didn't have a grand plan, but trusted that the journey would evolve, as we have fallen in love with these mystical and magical animals. We sure love finding unique and creative ways to enjoy them and share them with you, and we hope to see you on the farm one day soon!


Mission and Aspirations

Fun for the Whole Family

Our first priority is always the care, health and happiness of our animals.  You know what they say, "Happy llama, happy llife".  Additionally, Kevin and I are in constant pursuit of our own work-life balance.  We've quickly realized that working full time in our day jobs, farm upkeep, care and training of our growing herd, love and attention for our pack of rescue dogs, and quality family time leaves a small window to share our good luck and blessings with others.  But we capitalize on every aspect of that window!  Our mission is to continue to find unique and creative ways for our guests to enjoy the peaceful country atmosphere and these enchanting animals along with us.  We want everybody to feel welcome here.

We are dreaming big!  Initially we had no idea how to start and how to capture the interest of others.  But we have come to trust the process and welcome with open arms the people that have been brought into our lives as a result of this amazing journey.  The helpers, the creatives, the motivators and encouragers, incredible friends and peers, and of course our 'Farmily'.  We want to continue to provide fun and enjoyment, with inclusion for all, by offering a variety of events and a venue that provides a unique setting to celebrate every sort of occasion.

We are so excited that our farm has become a unique venue for guests to host their own private celebrations!  What a memorable experience they can provide to their own friends and family, as they celebrate the special occasions in their life.  And there's nobody that like to celebrate more than our friendly herd!  I hope you won't mind a few fuzzy party crashers!  


Kris has fulfilled a dream to become a published author of a children's book, and her first book, "The Day the Farmer Went on Strike", is now available on Amazon and in our gift shop!

We hope that you'll continue with us down this really fun, challenging, and truly rewarding journey.  Who knows what might be around the next corner!?


Fun on the Farm!

1601 Ridge Rd, York Springs, PA 17372, USA

(717) 612-8521

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