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My Alpaca

My Alpaca


When people visit our alpacas, we frequently hear, "I wish I could take one home with me".  And now you can!  This irrisistable handcrafted alpaca is crocheted using the yarn of our very own alpacas!!   My Alpaca would make an incredibly special gift, but you might just want to keep one for yourself!


These custom made crocheted alpacas are made 100% our of our own alpaca's fiber!  Each alpaca is even filled with our own herd's fiber!  You'll also receive a photo of the very alpaca that your alpaca's fiber was made from! The care and craftmanship that goes into each of these alpacas is stunning and sure to be a treasured gift for many years to come.


'My Alpaca' is a whopping 16" tall when 'standing' and 11" tall when sitting.


The skilled artist who crafted this alpaca is Lily, our sweet friend who we met when she and her husband, Alex, got married on our farm in 2023.  Lily and Olivia (alpaca) became fast friends, when Olivia served as Lily's bridesmaid (see photo).  


Because each alpaca is custom ordered, please allow 6-8 weeks for delivery.


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  • Washing Instructions

    Because My Alpaca is crafted with 100% alpaca yarn, do not put in the washing machine or dryer.  If soiled, spot treat with a gentle detergent.  If she needs a full bath, gently handwash and lay flat to dry.

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