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Dryer Ball (One)

Dryer Ball (One)


Our dryer balls are handmade by Farmer Kris, co-owner of Lucky Us Farm! They are made out of our very own alpaca's and llama's fiber. Dryer balls are approximately tennis-ball sized and vary in color.  The dryer balls currently in stock are primarily light colored and no two are the same.  The dryer balls that you receive may not look like the dryer balls in the photo.


Dryer balls can be used in your dryer to reduce dry time by aerating your clothes and absorbing moisture.  Many people use these organic balls to replace the chemicals in dryer sheets. By adding a few drops of your favorite essential oil, they add a lovely smell to your laundry.  If using in your dryer, 3 balls are recommended for best outcome.


Kris thinks that they are cool just as fabric balls and uses them in decor, to juggle, to play catch, and to tuck inside boots to absorb moisture and odors.

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