Adopt Ellie

Adopt Ellie


Adopt* Ellie for one month!  Ellie is an enthusiastic, goofy, and charasmatic llama who is fun-loving and the life of every party.  In fact, she's the teenager who would plan a big house party as soon as her parents left town.  The truth is, Ellie could use as many parents as she can get!  She hopes that you'll pick her to adopt* for a whole month!


*Please note that "adoption" is for entertainment and bragging-rights purposes only.  It provides no legal or binding ownership rights.  


When you adopt* Ellie you will receive in the (actual) mail:

  • A customized adoption certificate
  • A 5x7 photo of Ellie
  • A personalized video message from Kris and Ellie sent to you via Facebook or Instagram messenger. 
  • An Ellie Bio Sheet that includes personality description, birthdate, history, best friend info, and more!
  • A general llama and alpaca fun fact page
  • A Lucky Us Farm sticker
  • An adoption announcement on our Facebook and Instagram pages (you may opt out)
Month 2021
  • Please Tell Me About Yourself!

    We are so excited that Ellie has a new adopted parent!  And we would love to share the adoption news on our Facebook and Instagram pages. 

    We want to respect your privacy, so we will only make this announcement if you email us and grant permission to post this announcement.

    You can email us at and include any information that you'd like for us to include in the announcement!  

    Information that you may want to include:

    • Name:  (First Name only)
    • Age 
    • Reason for adoption:
    • Did somebody purchase the adoption for you? 
    • Why did you choose Ellie?

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