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Meet the Pack

The Dogs of Lucky Us Farm

The Lucky Us Pack is an important part of our family.  We have always been dog lovers, but it wasn't until Kris became an avid volunteer at a local dog shelter that we truly became aware of the importance of dog rescue, spay and neuter.  It is greatly thanks to these dogs that we sought out a new home, one with lots of land and fences.  We moved in with three dogs, and quickly rescued two more.  Rocket and Ranger, two unadoptable dogs from the shelter, were not up for adoption due to bite histories and would have lived out their years at the shelter. Kris had a particularly special bond with both of them and couldn't bear to leave them behind.  Five dogs total, each with very unique personalities, likes, and tolerances.  We are so happy to give them all a safe place to run off-leash in large fenced fields and enjoy serene country life.  Lucky Us!



Bulldog / Boxer / Pit Mix

We rescued Quinny sight unseen.  In 2015 Kris saw a Facebook post from a local dog rescue asking for an 'Urgent Foster'.  We met her the following day and it was love at first sight.  Quinny is childishly stubborn, quirky, charming and a perpetual 3 year old child.  She's a couch potato, a bed hog, and a bowling ball of love. She'll lick your face until you can't breath (we call it 'gobbling') and is obsessed with skateboarding.  Quinn's squishy face, soulfull eyes and full body wiggle make her absolutely irresistible. She's one of a kind and we can't imagine life without her.



Pit / Labrador Mix

Carrie is a little jumping bean that we rescued in an effort to fill the hole in our hearts left by the passing of Diesel.  Carrie brought energy and youthful exuberance into our home.  She is the best Frisbee player and ball chaser that we've ever seen.  Obsessed would be an understatement.  Her speed, agility, jumping ability and drive make her quite the athlete.  Outside she's all about chasing balls, inside she wants nothing more than to curl up on our laps.  Carrie runs circles around Quinny and fills our lives with joy.



Rottweiler / Hound Mix

Kris instantly fell in love with Ranger while volunteering at the shelter, likely because of his strong resemblance to Diesel.  But unfortunately Ranger was quite a 'reactive dog' and was unpredictable around strangers and other dogs.  Kris spent extra time taking him on field trips and to obedience class in the hopes of increasing his adoptability.  Sadly, after a year in the shelter, Ranger only became more reactive.  Knowing that shelter living was not helping Ranger's happiness or behavior, Kris moved him to the farm, which has proven to be the perfect solution for him.  He loves his low-stress life where he has a woodland view, 24/7 access to a huge back yard, lots of room to run, daily walks and lots of love.


Diesel  2/14/10 - 3/26/17

Rottweiler / Labrador / Shepherd Mix

Our beloved 'Deezy'.  He was the very first dog that Kris fell in love with when volunteering at Canine Rescue of Central PA (CRCPA). She brought him home fittingly on Valentine's Day. The love was mutual, as he was a fixture to Kris' side.  He was  the happiest dog we ever met  and as loyal as the day is long.  To know him is to love him.  We were so excited to bring him to the farm, where he would have acres to romp and play.  But tragecially, within months of us moving he developed an aggressive stomach cancer and died shortly after diagnosis.  He was an incredibly special dog to us and he is missed every day.


Hudson   4/16/2006 - 4/8/2020

Bichon Frise

Hudson was the only dog that we've had since he was a puppy.  Quiet, sweet and easy-going, he went with the flow of our bustling household.  He was with us through thick and thin and watched the kids grow up and spread their wings. He did his best to be a good farm dog, never complaining about his constantly dirty white feet.  He lived out his golden years running in the pastures and sunning on the patio.  We miss you Huddy!


Rocket  9/3/2007 - 4/8/2020

Corgi Mix

Kris met Rocket when she was volunteering at a local dog shelter and they quickly formed a close bond.  Rocket didn't have much luck getting adopted, as he wasn't interested in meeting new friends.  With each passing year he became more and more withdrawn until he could only be handled by a very select few.  After 3 years of shelter life, Kris moved Rocket onto the farm to live out his Golden Years.  Rocket blossomed in this peaceful environment and absolutely loved being a farm dog.  He helped Kris with her farm chores and eagerly tagged along at her side. He earned the titled of 'Head Hay Fluffer', and took this job very seriously.  Riding in the Cub Cadet was his favorite event.  He was visited every weekend by another shelter volunteer, Connie, who was a trusted and loyal friend of Rocket's.  Sadly his sweet heart failed him and we had to say goodbye. Kris and Connie sure miss their very good friend.

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