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Meet the Herd

Home is where the herd is!  Seven female llamas and eleven female alpacas make up our happy herd.  Eight of the alpacas are boarders, but we consider them all to be family.  Because llamas and alpacas (and camels) are all 'camelids', they have many similarities regarding things such as nutrition, health needs, gestation, bathroom habits, and anatomy.  However, even though llamas and alpacas are 'camelid cousins', there are several differences between the two groups as well, most obviously with size, ear shape and fiber qualities.  But without a doubt, each and every animal has her own distinct personality.



Llama    DOB: 8/12/96

Ginny, regal and demure, is our matriarch.  She is the very first camelid that we bought (she came with the farm), and therefore holds a special place in our hearts. She is dutifully connected to the alpaca herd and always keeps a watchful eye over them, serving as their guard and protector.  Because Ginny is a senior, she gets extra nutrition and calories and wears a jacket in the winter to keep her warm and maintain her weight. 
Favorite singer: Hank Williams



Llama     DOB: 9/03/2005

Conswala is sweet, quirky and playful, with a special twinkle in her eye.  She has earned the title of Registered Therapy Llama through Pet Partners, and enjoys visiting schools, businesses, homes, and senior living facilities.  Conswala was a finalist in the Cadbury Bunny national contest and has become fairly well known as a result of that experience.  She thinks she's a pretty 'big deal' and is certainly a farm favorite. 
Favorite singer:  Shakira

Picture_20181111_162303714 (1).jpg


Llama     DOB: 4/28/14

Riviera is quiet and cooperative.  She especially loves a good bowl of grain, as demonstrated by her waistline.  She and Conswala are pasture buddies and you can often catch them neck wrestling in the corner.  Riviera is a full sister to Verana.
Favorite Group: Hootie and the Blowfish



Llama     DOB: 6/4/16

Verana is big, confident and a leader among the llamas.  She is our tallest llama and weighs in at 420#.  As a young first-time mom, she gave birth to Rossalyn in the middle of the night (which is unusual) and to our delight, has demonstrated stellar maternal instincts.  Doting and protective, she and Rossalyn are never far apart. 
Favorite singer: Tina Turner


Eleanor Grace ("Ellie")

Llama     DOB: 6/3/19

Eleanor Grace was the very first animal born on Lucky Us Farm and she is our miracle cria (baby).  Her mama llama, Kiss, had a pregnancy complication resulting in a C-section delivery on the farm.  Ellie survived the risky delivery, but because of the unusual birth that didn't trigger her mom to recognize her, she was initially rejected. After being bottle fed for four days, Kiss delivered the placenta and her milk came in and she instantly realized that Ellie was her beloved baby girl.  Ellie is a confident, independent and spunky little llama with an exuberance for life.  She was named after Kris' mom and Eleanor Roosevelt, starting off our farm-naming-theme of Presidents and First Ladies. Because of all of the above, Ellie G will forever hold a very special place in our hearts.  Favorite singer: Camila Cabello


Spring Kiss ("Kiss")

Llama      DOB: 4/9/05

Kiss earns the title of "Mama Llama of the Year".  Although she's had several cria (babies) in the past, Eleanor Grace will certainly be her last.  In late pregnancy Kiss developed a torsion (twisted uterus) resulting in a C-section on the farm.  She and her cria miraculously survived the risky surgery, but Kiss experienced several complications post surgery including vaginitis, wound dehiscence (opening), and a hernia.  Through it all Kiss was an extremely doting mama llama and is quite the 'helicopter mom'.  She is a contented and happy llama and can enjoy her senior years on the farm spending every holiday with her beloved daughter.  Favorite singer: Dolly Parton


Rosalynn ("Rozzy")

Llama     DOB 6/25/19

Rosalynn is the second animal born on Lucky Us Farm and her birth came three weeks after the complicated delivery of Eleanor.  Still recovering  from the emotional delivery of Ellie, we were a bit nervous to see how her mama llama's first-time delivery would go down.  In the wee hours of the night Verana delivered Rosalynn with no fuss or witness and it felt like Christmas morning to wake up to a healthy newborn staggering around in the pasture. Named after Rosalynn Carter, Rozzy is calm and quiet and quite the 'Mama's Girl'.  She and her best friend, Eleanor, can often be seen playing and pronking and being goofy young llamas, discovering their newfound world together.  Rozzy's got hops!  She is quite the jumper and more than once we have found her in a closed field all by herself after jumping the fence.  Hopefully we can break her of her fence-jumping habit and direct those hops to more suitable obstacles! 
Favorite singer:  Taylor Swift



Alpaca   DOB 8/1/14

Lucia is sugar and spice and everything nice.  She is the official greeter of visitors, as she will be the first to come and say 'hello' when you walk into the pasture. She can even become a bit jealous if you fuss over another alpaca and will push her way between you.  She's a bit of a couch potato and prefers to be a pretty face chilling in the field vs. going on a hike.  You can call her 'Dumplin', but don't call her late for dinner!  Lucia will be bred for the first time in Spring 2020, and we can only hope that she will pass on her sweet and loving nature to her cria. 
Favorite singer:  Colbie Caillat



Alpaca   DOB: 6/26/14

Olivia is sweet and calm and always looks like she's daydreaming about green clovers and rainbows.  We're convinced she's the only one who knows about a special 'happy crop' growing in a secluded part of the pasture.  She will be bred for the first time in Spring 2020. 
Favorite singer:  Jimmy Buffett


Calisay, ("Cali")

Alpaca   DOB: 5/8/08

Cali was born on our farm before we owned it, sold to another farm, and then we bought her back. On any given Sunday, Cali will either be front and center begging for attention, or quietly eating grass in the back of the pack hoping that you take no notice to her. She is a seasoned mom and will be bred in Spring 2020. 
Favorite singer:  Guns N' Roses



Alpaca, Boarder   DOB: 6/26/07

Godiva is one of the friendliest alpacas of the herd, adorable and loving. Interestingly, that wasn't always the case.  She was quite leery of us when we first moved onto the farm and would scream and spit when we got close.  And then one random sunny day, she turned 'a 180' and decided that we can all be best friends.  She and Lucia always jockey for attention. 
Favorite band:  Spice Girls



Alpaca, Boarder   DOB: 7/1/11

Zima is protective of her alpaca herd. If she doesn't know you (or if you are a male, or if you aren't the food source, or if you think you have better hair), she just may march out of the herd and let you know that you're in Zima's Pasture.  This usually takes the form of a challenging stance and if you're really special, you might just get a clear spit spray.  An animal mind reader met Zima and told me that Zima would like for me to know that "this is her herd, but she's willing to work with me if I am willing to acknowledge and respect that." And I do.  She and I get along just fine.  I just don't make eye contact. 
Favorite group:  Daft Punk


Anisette ("Ani")

Alpaca, Boarder   DOB: 5/21/07

Ani is a bit of a wall flower and I consider her to be my spirit animal.  She has a natural handle-bar mustache and some extra funky teeth.  She's taller than the others and prefers to be a passive observer.  When she's nervous, she makes a sound that vaguely resembles a drowning cat. I'm pretty sure if she were in high school, she'd play the oboe in the marching band. 
Favorite Band:  Mamas and the Papas



Duchess, Boarder   DOB: 5/16/12

Duchess is the daughter of Ani, and the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. She, too, is a bit of a wall flower and finds human interaction to be a bit awkward. She secretly wants to be loved and petted, but feels most comfortable at arm's length.  She is easy to distinguish from the other white alpacas by the brown spot in her top knot.
Favorite group:  Barenaked Ladies



Alpaca, Boarder   DOB: 6/14/10

Elisabeth is confident and assured.  Short and stout, she's a leader among her peers and keeps a watchful eye over her best friend and adult daughter, Lady Kellye. Visitors are quick to pick her out because she is the darkest alpaca in the herd, technically considered "medium brown".  If she were in high school, she'd be head cheerleader and in the National Honor Society.  She's that kind of alpaca. 
Favorite singer:  Beyonce


Lady Kellye

Alpaca, Boarder   DOB: 4/30/17

Lady Kellye will forever be considered 'the baby', even though, by alpaca standards, she is now an adult.  We moved onto the farm when she was only a little over three months old and she was (and still is) so stink'in cute.  She's a bit goofy with childlike antics and will randomly jump straight up in the air or come charging into the barn and run into the other alpacas.  She doesn't command much respect among her peers, but because she is the sidekick to her popular mom, Elisabeth, she gets some cool points by association. 
Favorite singer:  Ariana Grande



Alpaca, Boarder   DOB: 5/12/09

Sauza isn't overly fond of pleasantries and finds manners to be overrated. She wears her heart on her sleeve and you always know where you stand with her,  which is usually in the mud.  She likes to mix it up with the herd and if you hear some squabbling going on, you will always find Sauza in the middle of it, straightening her "Antagonist Crown" after the dust settles.  All of this makes it especially rewarding when I share a rare tender moment with Sauza, always reminding me that she, like all creatures, craves love and security. 
Favorite band: Nirvana



Alpaca, Boarder    DOB: 6/1/14

Michelle is really photogenic and looks like an adorable teddy bear alpaca.  She is shy, unassuming, and a bit insecure.  She likes to be near the action, but doesn't like to draw attention to herself.  She'd make a great back up singer.  If you start to pet her, she'll quickly lay down ('cush') as that is her go-to coping skill.  Her mom is Sauza, but must have gotten her personality from her Dad. 
Favorite singer: Michael Buble

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